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PVC- Originally Genrated in Germany in late 1960's,PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)is a form of Plastic -Advantages of PVC over other materials Easy to Install,COST Saving & cost effective Building material,Damp Proof / RUST Proof, Rot Proof / Heat Proof, Termite Proof, Washable & Easy to Maintain, Impact & Sound Proof, Light Weight, Better than Wood/ceramic Tile Paneling, Water Resistant,Eco-Friendly & Budget Friendly than Ceramics/Paints/Wallpapers, Easy to Re-Cycle. -USE OF PVC WALL PANELS Malls, Homes,Offices & Other Corporate Work Areas, Shopping complexes, Schools etc. -Installation: Clean and hassle free PVC Panels can be directly beapplied on any surface (Clay Bricks, Cemented Walls/Ceilings, P.O.P., Painted Walls/Ceilings, Gates, Wooden Partitions, etc.)